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Forever a Stallion - Deborah Fletcher Mello While mourning the death of her mother, Phaedra Parrish discovers a shocking secret. Her mother had an affair with a man many years ago. Everything about her life has been a lie and now discovering that she might have four brothers is daunting but the truth is more alluring and Phaedra is determined to find out if she has a family. Mason Boudreaux III is at the Stallion ranch for a wedding when he stumbles across a beauty woman who captures his attention. The sexy photograph instantly connects with him but she doesn’t come without baggage. This started off well enough for me. A young woman who recently lost her mother and discovers her biological family makes for a good storyline. However, the author throws the two main characters right into an intense romance. Sure, some might argue with me and say it is a romance and normally I would agree. It’s just that they fall in love very quickly. The romance is over the top in this story. So Mason and Phaedra is a classic boy met girl story and at 40 % into the story there is nothing left. I kept wondering if at some point, some drastic would happen to separate the two and they really work out their issues and it did. While out on vacation on Mason’s private island in Thailand (I know! Typical rich guy Harlequin ploy), Mason is abducted. There is nothing that leads me to believe that he should be abducted but hey I did ask for something dramatic. Phaedra reaches out to John Stallion and the crew to come aid her in finding her man. It is at that point that I wish the author would have developed the bond with Phaedra and her long lost brothers. The storyline of the long lost siblings could have been developed so much more. Phaedra and the Stallion brothers never interacted until they come to the rescue. I will give credit, they all came to accept that they are siblings but it is wrapped up too neatly.Despite, the rush into love plot and the over the top abduction, I did enjoy the story. I just wished things didn’t move so rapidly in the story. Of course, I’m still invested in the series and I will be on the lookout for future books.