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Up Close and Personal - Maureen Child Ronan Connelly is back in California and ready to rekindle the romance between him and Laura Page. The sparks that flew between them is rare and Ronan realizes that he has to fight to get her back. However, Laura is resisting his charms and he must work harder to re-spark what they once had.Laura knows holding Ronan’s dog as a hostage is the wrong thing to do. She convinces herself that she wants to give Beast a good home but Ronan sees right through the act. Every time she tries to put some distract between them, he is right there in her face and she can’t help but to remember the passion they once shared.I love Ms. Child’s books. Her California Kings series is fabulous and she mentions the family in this book. I wanted to love this one as well but I just didn’t warm up to Ronan or Laura and after a few days of mulling it over, I finally figured out why. The story starts when Ronan shows back up in town. Laura is watching his dog because his cousin turned him over to her while he went out of town for business. Laura tries to use Beast (what a weird name since the dog is so mild tempered) as a wedge between her and Ronan but we all know that the dog is not the issue.Laura is holding some secrets and I can understand her reasons for doing so but it is still not enough for them to be apart for so long. Once Laura blurts out her “horrible” secret, Ronan steps up and try to apologize and be the man she needed in the past. It doesn’t work and Laura holds on to Ronan’s wild ways for entirely too long. This could have been wrapped up quickly.My biggest problem with the book is that I never felt the all consuming love that either character felt for one another. I believe they have chemistry but since the story started after the relationship, I never knew what made them attracted to one another in the first place. I wanted a glimpse into the past, so I could get a better understanding of the characters.Overall, I am happy that Laura and Ronan got their HEA but this is not Ms. Child’s best story.