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Return to Willow Lake  (Lakeshore Chronicles #9) - Susan Wiggs After receiving the best news of her life, Sonnet has the wind knocked out of her. Nina, her mother, is pregnant and is facing some serious complications. Sonnet doesn’t want to come home but how can she let her mother down. Then there is Zach. The friend that she crossed the line with after a drunken moment at her best friend’s wedding. Zach Alger is planning to use the time that Sonnet’s home, to show her what is really important. Love. Family. Friendship.I’ve been waiting to read Sonnet’s story for several reasons. One, she is the last character in the series that I really liked. Two, after Daisy’s story (the most anticipated story for me which I loved) I just knew it was going to be great. Last, I’m so invested into the series. Who wouldn’t love the cozy little town of Avalon and its charming residents? *Sigh* I came crashing off my anticipation at 20% into the story. While I enjoyed reacquainting myself with this series, there are several things that didn’t please me about this book. In previous books, Zach and Sonnet’s chemistry is evident. Their friendship is solid and they make a great team. Jumping forward to present day, Zach and Sonnet haven’t seen each others in years. What happened to the friendship from the past? At different points throughout the story, Sonnet mentions that Zach is her best friend. He knows her better than anyone. He is the first person she calls when she is reaching a high or low in life. Then in the same breathe, he knows nothing about her life. It became very conflicting.I felt as though Zach and Sonnet didn’t know each other as adults and Ms. Wiggs did not take the time to allow me to see who these characters were. The chemistry and romance is lacking. Sonnet and Zach do not spend enough time together (which might explain why I felt they didn’t know each other) and when they did it was always in passing. I got more romance from Nina and Greg than I did from Zach and Sonnet. Heck, Nina and Greg even had a long love scene and that was only a paragraph. I wish that I could believe that there was this grand passion but I didn’t.Then there is the reality show that Zach is working on and a new character Jezebel, a fallen hip hop star they are documenting, that does nothing to do story for me. To make matters worst, she is constantly calling Sonnet, creampuff, in reference to her biracial heritage which became annoying.However, Nina’s story is very emotional and makes reading this story worthwhile. Sonnet stands strong for her mother and their bond is unbreakable. Nina and Sonnet’s relationship shows the true strength of a mother/daughter’s relationship. In all honesty, I wish Sonnet would have shown more emotions with other characters in the book.A decent summer read but not the best in the series. Fans of this series should read this to find out what happened to some of their favorite characters.