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Surrender to a Donovan - A.C. Arthur Sean Donovan needs a little bit more to make sure his family’s own magazine stays on top. The advice column is a hot topic and Sean sets out to see if he can utilize the columnist’s skills, they can soar to the top. Tate Dennison is not a little old lady who sits in a cubicle. She is young, sexy and makes Sean want to do naughty things to her but the single mother is not looking for an office romance.Getting involved with the boss is never a good idea but Sean Donovan is irresistible. Tate does everything in her power to stay away from him but he wants her and doesn’t stop until he conquers her. The thing is that getting involved with someone like Sean is what she did before and it left her divorced with a child. Now, she has a whole new set of problems as her ex-husband makes an appearance.I love this story. The Donovans are back and they are just as fierce as ever. Sean immediately gets involved with Tate and her daughter. He is totally accepting of her child and he wants to help her even though she has a lot of baggage. When Tate’s ex-husband tries to hurt her, he steps in and shows that he is willing to do anything to protect “his” family. I did love Sean and his loyalty to Tate. At times, I questioned why he quickly became involved but I over looked the rush romance. The dramatic element of the story gave a bit of a twist at the end. I am rather surprise at how it all ended. Tate’s emotions for her daughter really captured my heart even at the end and I’m happy she got her HEA with a good man.Great romance with a little bit of suspense and drama. Good entertainment for me. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Donovans.