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Visions of Chains - Regan Hastings Deidre Sterling is the daughter of the President of the United States and she knows better than anyone that she has an image to uphold. Holding it up is another story because Deidre’s main cause is to fight against the torment of the witches. When Deidre’s friend, Shauna, recruit her into a new mission to fight with witches, she discovers that she is a part of the most powerful coven of witches ever.Finn has been waiting over eight centuries for Deidre’s power to awaken and for them to begin their journey together to find the missing artifact that she has hidden. His wait is finally over but Deidre is fighting him every step of the way. He struggles with how to get his witch to accept their destiny and believe in the magic that binds them together forever.This book is fantastic. The first two books are great reads as well but this one step the stage for more drama and action in the future books. There are tons of twists thrown in the mix. Finn discovers early on that there is a traitor in his group and a larger power that wants to take them down. The stakes are high and the level of the game has risen. Deidre is a strong female lead and she definitely holds her own. Even as she learns who she really is, she accepts it but doesn’t lead every decision by it. Her humanity remains in tack for the bulk of the book which causes her to make some stupid decisions. Even so, she is a likeable character. Finn struggles with the mating process because Deidre has never needed him in the past and the one time she did, he had failed her. Vowing to never make that mistake again, he holds his heart close to his chest. However, the heart has a way of overruling any logical sense and Finn and Deidre have a passionate romance.The action is leaping off the pages. There is a subplot that involves past characters. I’m excited to see how they finally come together. Hastings delivers another tense and passion filled book in her Awakening series. I can’t wait to read the next book!