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Maybe Baby (Baby Series, #1) - Andrea  Smith This was one long book. Unnecessarily long. The author described every single thing. Despite that, I got caught in this weird story but I don't know how I feel about the main characters. Tylar had a rough childhood with a shitty mother. Things gets interesting when a series of events occur while she is working at the Sinclair's resident. The whole cottages thing reminded me of the movie dirty dancing where the hired help stayed in those little cottages. LOL. The hero Trey (I hate that they had similar enough names) is a bit of an Asshole but he turns into a crazy love nut. He have a lot of secrets and they finally come out at the end. It was pretty obvious who was behind the incidents but Tylar never caught on. The characters got along but I never fully understand why they were in love. They were instantly in love in this intense relationship. The ending left with some stuff unresolved and I will curious to know what happens next.