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Crave - Monica  Murphy Archer Bancroft and his friends are proud bachelors. Single, rich and loving life is basically the motto that they live by. At a mutual friend’s wedding, his friends bet that he will be the next bachelor to fall a victim to love. The last man in their group to remain standing will win a million dollars (kind of steep!). Archer is confident that he will win. After all, he loves the life that he is living. He just doesn’t expect to grow feelings for his best friend’s sister, Ivy. There has been some attraction to Ivy, especially now that she has grown into an extremely attractive and successful woman. Archer can’t resist touching and kissing Ivy. When one night of passion progresses into more, Archer has to figure out a way to have it all. Ivy challenges Archer. She knows the kind of man he is and tries very hard to resist. I like that she throws caution to the wind to give into her impulses. She is definitely not afraid of her brother. The story flows nicely for a short read, switching from both characters’ point of view. I didn’t feel as though more should have been added. The author does a great job with the pacing. Despite my own pre-judgment, the sex is steamy without being explicit.I recommend this nice and quick read for those who need a little pick me up. I look forward to Gabe and Matt’s stories.