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The Highlander's Desire - Margo Maguire Years ago, Lachann MacMillian watched the woman he loved marry another man. The pain has caused his heart to go cold. Vowing to never love like that again, Lachann has thrown himself into fighting for his family. The clans are torn apart and Lachann finds himself promising to enter into a loveless marriage for the sake of land. He is all set to marry Catriona, daughter of the Laird of Kilogorra until he meets Anna MacIver.Anna longs for the day that she can leave her Uncle’s house but she doesn’t want to leave without her best friend who is suffering at the hands of her abusive husband. Instead of running away from her hellish life, Anna stays in the home as a mere servant. Her jealous step sister, Catriona, makes her suffer at every chance she gets. When the Highlander arrives to take Catriona’s hand in marriage, Anna suddenly wishes that Lachann would take her away.To make matters even worst, Cullen Macauley enters the picture to ask for Catriona’s hand as well. Catriona is a bitter and vile woman. Jealous that she does not have Anna’s beauty, she sets out to play the men against each other. Meanwhile, she doesn’t catch on that Anna and Lachann are starting to fall in love.I love a highlander story. What’s not to love about it? While this story did not leave me overjoyed, I felt satisfied with how the story unfolded. The story has potential. There are two main characters that want to be together. There is a villain…Cullen? See, that’s where the problem lies. I enjoyed when Cullen pops up in the story. He starts off as a great villain. He is the man that stole the woman that Lachann’s love. He has all the meat of a great villain but he is quickly overshadowed by Catriona and her antics. At one point, I forgot that Cullen even exists. Overall, I still enjoyed this story. Anna and Lachann deserved a happy ending. I recommend this for those who like a solid highlander story.