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Stern - Brenda Jackson I love a friends to lovers theme. There is something so great about finding all the qualities you want in a mate and having that solid friendship to rely on. Stern Westmoreland has been best friends with Jovonnie Jones since high school. She is one of the guys. She works in an auto repair shop, goes hunting with the guys and is a good person. When JoJo tells Stern that she needs his help with a make-over, he is taken back. JoJo doesn’t care about her looks or dating. He has a goal to not settle down until his mid-thirties. Will he be the only one fighting the urge to settle down?JoJo is pretty content with her life. She has good friends and a job she loves. She doesn’t ask for much but when she realizes that she has feelings for Stern, she decides to fix herself up to find a man. As she and Stern become closer during the process, she doesn’t know if she should reveal her true feelings. How does one say that they are in love with their best friend? I love the Westmorelands. They are such a fun and loving family. I like seeing the family and catching up on the lives of the previous couples. The characters are pretty likable. Stern is a typical Westmoreland male. He is caring and compassionate. When he falls, he shows it. JoJo is strong and independent. I liked that she stayed true to character as she went through her transformation.My only problem was the lack of action. I need a little drama and angst. JoJo and Stern are pretty laid back and they went with the flow a little too easily, making the romance kind of cheesy. The story is very predictable and tame in some ways.