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The Next Best Thing - Kristan Higgins Lucy Lang lost her husband in a car accident. She believes it was destined to happen. Her family is cursed. She decides she can’t live without a husband so she sets her sight on getting remarried and starting a family. Her only obstacle is that she started a “friends with benefits” relationship with her deceased husband’s brother. When she tries to kick him to the curb, things get complicated. First, when I read the blurb in the back of the book, I thought Ethan was some random guy. I felt a little weird reading about her having regular booty calls with him, especially because they were constantly acting like victims throughout the whole book. I hate when a book is not executed properly. The subject matter surrounding Lucy’s grief and guilt over her husband’s death was not handled properly. Lucy and Ethan are a disaster. Lucy is the “victim” of a family curse. She is guilt-ridden and constantly harboring all of these emotions about the death of her husband. I didn’t get how she could have a relationship with his brother. I didn’t like Ethan at all. I hate saying that but it’s true. Generally, when I dislike a hero, it’s because he is a jerk. He has done something to hurt the heroine. In this case, I hated Ethan because he had no spine. Once, Lucy told him to back off, he just scurried off. What? Then she didn’t like that he didn’t fight to get her back, so she set out to get him back. Huh? All of this is acceptable for Ethan. He has this belief that he is the second son, the second best. At one point, I wanted to jump in the book and shake him. Sure, he had to be gentle with Lucy because of her situation but he needed to man up and realize his own worth. The side characters and some of Higgins normal humor helped me through this book. The book dragged in many areas (the beginning) and it was depressing. There are other books that I have enjoyed by Ms. Higgins. I recommend that readers start with those.