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Night Veil (Indigo Court Series #2)

Night Veil - Yasmine Galenorn Yasmine Galenorn’s Indigo Court series is addictive and the latest addition to the saga is no exception. Night Veil is a mystical and captivating read and the author’s creativity shines through.Night Veil picks back up where Night Myst left off. The whole gang is back and preparing for their battle with Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court and the vampiric fae. This time around more than just the Queen stands in their way and they face more dangers than before.Cicely Waters, a witch, learns that she is not only magic born but is part Cambyra Fae, a shifter fae. Trying to deal with her new powers and learning who to trust is proving to be hard. At the end of the last book, Myst decides to make Grieve, the man Cicely loves, her consort. Cicely is more determine to win the war against the Indigo Court, especially after her past with Grieve is revealed.While strategizing how to take down Myst and the rest of the vampiric fae, Cicely’s friend Kaylin goes into a deep trance. The demon who has invaded his body when he was born is finally waking. Cicely rushes to find answers to save her friend while a division in her group ensues. In order to save her love ones, Cicely must put her faith into some of the people she doesn’t trust such as Lannon, the vampire who she begrudgingly works for. Galenorn’s creativity is beautifully exposed in this series. Her world of vampires, fae, witches and other paranormal beings is fun and imaginative. She adds new creatures to the tale that spices up things a bit and adds a twist to the paranormal realm. However, I really wish the author would stop trying to fix all the problems that Cicely has with sex. As soon as she has a confrontation with Lannan, she runs to Grieve. When she gets all stressed out and emotional, she calls for Grieve to fix it with sex. The sex ploy really takes away from the romance between Cicely and Grieve. There is also the fact that I felt like there is little growth in the characters from the first book to the second. Normally in a series as each book continues where the next left off, the reader can get a sense in how the characters are changing and developing. I’m not sure if I got that with this book, making the characters appear one dimensional. The author does lay the foundation for more books in the series. Several things need to be cleared up and I hope that she stays on track and develop the plot more. Night Veil lacks a bit of action but Cicely’s background, parentage and her past is all revealed in this book. Overall, the pace is fast, the story is engaging. Night Veil is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre.