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Blood and Fire

Blood and Fire - Shannon McKenna Bruno Ranieri lost his mother years ago and he closed that part of himself off or at least he thought he did. When Lily Parr walks into his restaurant, she brings a lot of drama. The one person who could help her is Bruno. Lily’s father is murdered but not before he tells her a painful secret he has been carrying…one that leads her into the arms of Bruno.Lily is prepared to fire off questions at Bruno but she didn’t expect him to be so handsome and strong. The two have little time to explore the attraction because some powerful enemies are tracking Lily down. Bruno is thrown for a loop and his survival skills kick in as he tries to help Lily. He does call in for a little reinforcement…the McClouds.I won’t lie my favorite part of the book is to catch up with old characters. I am slightly disappointed that the women seem to have lost the spark that I loved about each one of them. I think the women are used as props to pump out babies at this point but I really don’t expect them to have much of a role in the later books.If you have ever read a Shannon McKenna novel then you already know the males are super Alpha and Bruno is no different. He fits right in with the rest of the McCloud brothers and friends. It has been a while since I last read one of her books but reading Blood and Fire reminds me of why I love this series. The tension and steamy scenes are extra bonuses. Even though there are plenty of reasons why I love the series, it is sad to say that there are reasons why I’m starting to get bored as well.I admit that sometimes the plot is a bit far fetched and I’m starting to believe that the author’s writing is formulaic. The characters all act the same. I can’t tell the difference from one man to the next. The villain is the same in every book...sure his name is not the same but his whole make-up is the same as every villain in the series. I also felt that McKenna put too much attention on the bad guys and less focus on Bruno and Lily.I recommend this for fans of the McCloud series. This series should be read in order to really get to know the characters