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Song of Seduction

Song of Seduction - Carrie Lofty Arie De Voss is carrying a secret; one that can change how he is perceived. He’s been living with the guilt that he claimed the critically appraised composition “Love and Freedom” as his own, stealing it from his long-time mentor. He knows the day will come that everyone will know he is a fraud. Dreading the moment he has to go to Lord Venner’s party, he reluctantly attends in hopes of obtaining students to get money. What Arie does not expect is to meet Mathilda Hiedel.Mathilda Hiedel is coming out of mourning for the loss of her husband. When she attends her friend’s party, she is excited to learn that her idol, Arie De Voss is there as well. The two have an immediate attraction, despite the fact that Mathilda finds Arie to a brute. Mathilda is also carrying a secret that she can play the violin really wells and can almost play anything by ear. Arie is mesmerized by Mathilda’s gift and uses her as his muse.Song of Seduction is a well written tale of two lovers bound by their passion for music. I love the depth to Arie’s character. He was cold and distant but he held so much fire and passion inside of him. Once he explained his upbringings, I could understand why he became the man he was. Mathilda needed Ari to give her strength and courage to break free. The woman loved her maestro but also the man. I was moved by their interaction together.I have to say that this is my first read by Carrie Lofty and she has a way with words. I felt like I was caught up in Austria with these characters. The reading was intense and the passion was deep. If you love a torture soul and two lovers healing one another, then you will love Song of Seduction.