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Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare ****SPOILERS********What a great find! A fantastic debut. Tessa Dare has moved me with excellent writing skills and a superb ability to weave a story together. This was a deliciously enchanting story that has left me wanting more.Lucy Waltham believes herself to be in love with Toby Albridge, her brother's friend. She is enchanted by his charm especially after he dubbs her The Goddess of the Hunt. Once Lucy finds out Toby is interested in another woman she plans to seduce him, but first she needs a little practice...Jeremy Trescott, Earl of Kendall, is a good friend of Lucy's brother. While on a visit, Lucy storms in his room and kiss him, revealing her plan to seduce Toby and use Jeremy as practice. Jeremy finds himself in a position to try to distract Lucy.What I enjoyed about this book was the humor that the author was able to integrate into the story. Even though I felt Lucy was very childish and annoying at times, I couldn't help but to laugh at her silliness. The "stream" incident was hilarious. I found myself loving "Jemmy" and all the issues that he had. He was sexy and the sexual buildup was steamy, especially the "wardrobe" scene. The interesting part to this story was the typical plot(being in love with the brother's best friend) but it was a nice twist to watch her figure out which one she was suppose to love.My only problem with the story is the interaction between the H/H after they were married. The banter between the two, the strong willed female, the frustrated man was some of the things I loved about them and they lost it. The friends who quarreled playfully no longer spoke. I felt as though their personalities shifted. Lucy was less outspoken and resorted to even more childish games. I wanted them to communicate better. Overall a good story and I can't wait to read the rest in the series (even the book about,Sophia who I think is a little childish and a constant liar).