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Styx's Storm (Breeds Series)

Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh Storme Montague is on the run trying to protect important data that her father had left her after he was brutally murdered by a Coyote breed. It has been ten years of running, hiding and fighting off breeds and Council members and Storme is tired. She knows the breeds will do anything to lure her in and they sent in Styx Mackenzie, a sexy, Scots wolf breed. After one night of passion with him, where she lets down her guard, she is taken by Breeds to the Wolf Compound. Bitter, angry and full of fear, Storme refuses to turn over the data, no matter what Styx does to her.Styx Mackenzie is tired of chasing Storme. He believes that if he marks her, then she will be forced to turn over the information to him. Needless to say, things do not go as plan. Styx is very aware that Storme is his mate and this causes a huge conflict because she dislikes and distrust breeds after witnessing her family’s murder. Storme also harbors ill feelings towards the breeds because she feels as though her father and brother chose their work as scientist over her and their family. Since he knows Storme fears them, his wolf will not allow him to claim his mate. The mating heat is so close to the surface but until Storme allows him access to her heart, he can’t mark her.Being a huge fan of Lora Leigh’s Breeds series, I was slightly disappointed in the latest installment. Styx and Storme’s relationship is rocky at its best. Storme has trust issues which is understandable. Styx wants her to trust him and is frustrating with her throughout the book. All the breeds are upset with Storme’s lack of trust, fear and anger. Some of my favorite characters in the series are less understanding which is out of character for them. They think of Storme as being childish but in my opinion she acts very true to character considering all that she has been through. Her brother and father are murdered in front of her by a breed. She has been on the run and alone since she was fourteen. So why should she trust anyone? The only time Styx and Storme connected is in the bedroom. Lora Leigh does not leave out the sex in her books but at some point there has to be more to develop a relationship than sex. After the sex scenes, the repetitive arguing occurs and it became a tiresome cycle. Half way through the book, I thought of Cassa and Cabal’s story in Bengal’s Heart. This book takes the same direction with the lack of plot and connection.There is a lack drama or action scenes in this read until the very end and even that is weak. Storme’s epiphany is too late in my opinion and I questioned why she has a change of heart to trust the breeds because there is no Ah ha moment. Readers are left hanging to find out what the data can do and if it helps the breeds. Overall, a lack of connection, constant bickering and repetitiveness contributed to this being a frustrating read.