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Temptation & Twilight

Temptation  & Twilight - Charlotte Featherstone Ms. Featherstone ends her Brethens Guardians series full of fun, mystery, angst and twists. Iain and Elizabeth’s romance is a story that will have readers holding their breaths.Iain Sinclair, Marquis of Alynwick, bent under his father’s control many years ago and left the woman he loved when she needed him most. Regardless of the number of years, Iain has never stopped loving Elizabeth and watching over her from afar. Now as danger approaches, he must risk it all and put his heart on the line to win his lady’s affection.Elizabeth York has resigned herself to be a blind spinster. The brief moments of heat, passion and pleasure she has experienced in the arms of Iain has left her wanting more but she has learned years ago to quench that desire. Hope is not fully gone when a new man enters her life but she can’t fully let go her emotions for Iain. He appears to be a changed man but Elizabeth knows better than anyone that he can spout pretty little lies. I’ve been waiting for this story for quite some time and I’m not disappointed. While I loved Elizabeth and her strength, it is really Iain that draws me into the book. Their turbulent past is bought to light and I found myself eagerly waiting to see how Iain could seduce Elizabeth back into his arms.“Last night in Grantham Field, I faced death, and unlike others who have started it in the face, I did not see my life and what I had done flash before me. I saw you… Every moment we had spent together, ever mental picture I have of you, I saw, and I had an epiphany. I realized that it is your face I see upon rising every morning, and the last thing I see before going to sleep. You are my first thought and my last―of every day.”Iain is known for being a cold and manipulative man. It is great to see his one weakness…Elizabeth. The flowery words that pours from his mouth is unexpected but so endearing. It is hard not to want to shake some sense into Elizabeth as she throws every obstacle and excuse in his path. Despite her resistant, he continues his pursuit to woo her. The mystery that crossed over in each book is finally revealed and I am not surprised at the identity of the villain named Orpheus. The mystery that starts in the first book seemed to die by time it reached the last installment. At times, the story moves slowly and became a bit repetitive. However, the author’s ability to pen life into her feisty characters makes up for the lackluster adventure. Temptation & Twilight is a great ending to the series. Elizabeth and Iain’s story will keep readers going. I recommend to start with book one of the series because the author does reference people and events from the past.