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Pride & Passion (Brethren Guardians)

Pride & Passion - Charlotte Featherstone Pride & Passion is a steamy and beautifully written historical romance that will please fans of the genre.Readers met Lucy Ashton in the first story, Seduction & Scandal, as the young heartbroken cousin of Isabel. Lucy vows to never love another man after the man she loved left without any word to her. She believed him to be dead but after the Duke of Sussex delivers an item to her that can only be from her dead lover, Lucy is afraid to hold onto hope. Now Lucy will set out on a journey to find her man though her feelings for the Duke is slowing developing. She knows that if she chooses her former lover over him, she will become the Duke’s enemy.Adrian York, the Duke of Sussex, has grown frustrated with Lucy. While he is willing to give her the world, she is ready to throw her whole life away for another man, barely giving him a spare glance. He can’t focus his whole attention on Lucy while the enemy of the Brethen runs freely. He and the other guardians must ban together to bring down their enemy but Adrian decides to keep Lucy close to him.I loved, loved, loved Adrian. He became the only reason why I continued the story. I really wanted Lucy to open her eyes to who Adrian really was for so long but she was so stubborn. Gosh, I didn’t like her to the very end and even then, it was still lukewarm. I enjoyed the side story with Elizabeth and Alynwick. The ending was rather abrupt which leaves me hungry for the next story. Good job!