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Aint She Sweet

Ain't She Sweet - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This is my first SEP book and I had to admit it might just be my last. Where shall I begin? First of all I couldn't stand the heroine's name. It was infuriating. Once I got past that, I was disturbed at the fact that the people of this town were angry at her for childish reasons. There was her so called friends who held a huge grudge because she left town. I mean are you kidding? Let it go! She moved out of town...nobody said she was entitled to stay there forever. It was like they lost their Queen B so they couldn't function. Then there was Winnie...who irked me. I understood she was teased and tormented in school by the heroine but after a while I was like move on...she seem mighty content with moving on with the heroine's former friends, who had also teased her. She looked real pathetic to me..and I didn't understand how she was a part of the group and at the end they had to vote her in. I wanted her husband Ryan to leave her. I didn't connect with their relationship. I also didn't really connect with the h/h...Overall there was no real depth to the grudges and hatred in this book.