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Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter 3)

Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh Nalini Singh whisks readers back into her smoldering dark world of archangels and danger.Archangel’s Consort begins where Elena Deveraux and her archangel lover, Raphael returns home to New York. After facing one danger, they come to rest but their desires are put on hold when strange events start to occur all around. Something big is brewing and they must fight to save what they love.A vampire attacks the school where Elena’s sister attends. She steps in to protect her sister but she realizes her enemy might be more powerful than a rogue vampire. Elena has to put aside her differences with her father to help her family. Past memories and new revelations, threatens to destroy Elena.Meanwhile Raphael discovers that his lover is not the only one with family problems. A further investigation into the strange events leads them to the acknowledgement that one of the ancient (an archangel that chooses to rest) is awakening. The problem for Raphael is that the ancient is his mother, a woman he believes had went mad before she went to sleep. If she resurfaces in the same state, she can create darkness all over. Raphael must battle the darkness that lures him in and the urge to let his mother live. After being together completely their new found love is threatened. Elena still struggles to find her place in an archangel world. She wants to be seen as Raphael’s equal and she battles to be independent but Raphael’s position holds so much weight. The archangel of New York never answers to anyone and never had anyone to deny his commands. Elena’s spirit pushes him and he struggles with having her at his side. “I take you are you are,” she said, unwilling―unable―to back down. “I do that.”The fierce intensity of that statement cut through the storm of fury riding Raphael, and he heard her, heard, too, the words she didn’t say. I take you as you are. Take me as I am.“I’ve never seen you as anything but a warrior.” Even when she came into his arms, he never forgot that it was a very conscious surrender on her part, a choice she made to let herself be vulnerable.The love scenes are very sensual and vividly worded. When Raphael agrees to show Elena how archangels dance, I nearly melted. The scene is so perfect and so sexually charged that readers will soar right with them into bliss. Though Elena and Raphael’s story is quite entertaining, I can’t help but want to know more about the fascinating cast of secondary characters. Do they find love? I can only hope that they too will get their own HEA as well. Archangel’s Consort is another fantastic entry into Singh’s sexy and creative world of archangels. This book is a must read.