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Yours for the Taking

Yours for the Taking - Robin Kaye Ben Walsh needs a wife to get the ranch in Idaho that his grandfather refuses to give to him. With the clock ticking against him, he asks Gina Reyez (a woman he met a few times briefly) to marry him. Gina wants her own home and a way to help her family out, so Ben’s proposal, though preposterous, is the perfect way to obtain her goals. She can stay marry to him for a while especially since she believes he is gay. Shortly after their farce of a marriage begins, Gina realizes she might be in way over her head especially when she discovers her husband is not gay at all and he is very attracted to her. Soon a pretend marriage starts to feel very real.The story is marred by two unlikeable characters. Ben became too perfect to me. He is rich, smart and extremely handsome. The only flaw that Ben has is that he is a “womanizer” which I did not see in the book at all. In fact, once he proposes to Gina, there is not talk or thought of another woman. He immediately throws himself into trying to make Gina happy. He likes her feisty nature and he finds himself constantly wanting to be around her. This is where the story loses me. Gina is the other unlikeable character. She throws up barriers that are so hard to penetrate. At first, I sympathize with this character due to her background. She raises her sister all alone, struggling with no money. Her parents weren’t around (there is more to this story but I don’t want to spoil it) and she is basically a warrior of life. However, as I continued to read this book, Gina attitude didn’t change. She snaps at Ben all the time. She refuses his help whenever he offers. Gina constantly disregards his feelings and gets in his face. Her own friends and family have to remind her that she should be nice to him. She is pushy and demanding, even to her own family and I love when her sister finally tells her off. Bottom line, I didn’t like Gina.By the end of the book, I didn’t feel the romance or connection between Ben and Gina. While I was sure that Ben loved Gina, I never got that moment when I thought she has finally catching up emotionally with him. It is almost as if she conceded to stop being bitchy and stay with him. Overall it is slightly disappointing because the story has so much potential.Ben family and friends from Idaho saves the book by providing funny dialogue and relatable and realistic human interaction. I’ve notice that the author writes connecting books, I hope the author writes more about them in the near future. Fans of Robin Kaye will love revisiting old character from previous books.