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Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)

Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright OMG. So freaking good. I didn't know I would love this as much as the first since the story started off as a carbon copy of book 1. However, that quickly changed as I realized Dante and Jaime was a fresh new set of characters. Dante is a complete workaholic and obsessed with his role as Beta of the pack. He once gave his heart to a woman who was already mated. It didn't end well so he closed himself off emotionally until Jaime came back to his pack.Jaime and her brother are trying to move on and being a part of the close knit pack is the answer. Jaime always longed for Dante but he has never shown interest in her. She decides to move on and it sets Dante off. As they get closer, Jaime tries to hide a secret from him bit eventually he learns the truth. He must help her or send her from the pack.Let me just say that JaimeĀ“s story broke my heart. I felt so much sympathy for her. To keep that in must have been difficult. Dante was determine to help her. God, I love me some him. At the end my heart broke for them. I was so nervous it wasn't going to end right but it did.The sex scenes was great. I would have love to submit to Dante. LOL.I was glad to see some of the same humor in this book. My girl Greta was back and dishing out that snark that I love. OMG, the birthing scene was awesome. The side story with Nick and Shaya caught my interest. I need more of them. I can't wait for their story. I think I found a new series to love.