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Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Romance Collection

Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Romance Collection - Jaci Burton,  Megan Hart,  Lauren Dane,  Shannon Stacey,  Angela James Both Shannon Stacey and Jaci Burton pens sexy and hot love stories. In Shannon Stacey’s story I liked that Scott was the reformed geek and he finally got the hot girl. There story made the most sense in my opinion. Jaci Burton’s story was really intense. I liked it and disliked it equally. I liked that the storyline was real but I felt that it would have been better in a longer book. The two main characters had a lot to work on and it should have been fleshed out in a longer book. I was disappointed in Megan Hart’s story. Overall, the story fell flat and I was not interested. Out of all the stories, I had looked forward to Lauren Dane’s story the most because I read about Rory in the previous book. However, I felt that it was a little to late for this story and Zach’s memory was still lurking around.