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Born of Ice (League Series #3)

Born of Ice (League Series #3) - Let me just start off by saying that I really enjoyed this book WAY better than what I had thought. But there was a few things that distracted from the story. First was that fact that this story resembled Syn and Shahara's story. I felt like I read this before and I figured it out half way through the book. The same premise was in each book. Then the fact that the time line was all the way in the future. I don't normally have a problem with that but in this case SK had introduced children in this book of main characters from the first book. BUT, we don't even know what happened to some of the main characters from the first book. Also I wanted to learn some more about Paden and Syn's relationship. Since he became important at the end and he was always important to Syn, why not explain what happened with them. It was a brief explanation and that was that. Even with that, I really liked the book. Maybe, its because I thought Dev was such the sweetie. I do look forward to learning more about the other characters.