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Corralled (Blacktop Cowboys Series #1)

Corralled - Lorelei James Lorelei James weaves an evocative tale about a woman who is force to choose between two men who want her. Fans of the Rough Riders series gear up for another wild and erotic cowboy story in a new series.Laine Capshaw is a med tech for Lariat Sports Medicine traveling the rodeo circuits helping the injured cowboys. She has a no-dating cowboy rule but when she met two men on two different circuits she finds herself drawn to them both. Hank Lawson and Kyle Gilchrist is every woman’s dream and the one woman they both want is Lainie. So when they both learn that Lainie has been sleeping with the both of them, neither is willing to part so they offer to share her.I always like a good cowboy love story and this one meets my standards. I was pulled in from the first page. I’m not always a fan of ménages in my erotica because I tend to wonder how it is possible that the woman don’t find one man better than the next. The overall premise of the story is that Lainie knows deep down that she is going to have to choose. I knew that the decision was going to hard. Hank was the typical Alpha male in that he was strong, sexy and silent. Kyle was more of the wild type. Each one of them appealed to different sides of Lainie’s personality. When reading erotica that features ménages, I’m always baffled that the author never seems to entwine the tension and jealously from the men at having to compete with one another for the girl. I was so glad that Lorelei James didn’t take this route with this story. While both men acted as though they were in complete agreement with sharing, there was some underlying jealousy and you knew that a war was taking place in the bedroom.While reading this book, my mind kept wondering which man would win Lainie’s heart. How could a girl make such a tough decision? The dialogue, jealousy and the tension throughout the book was realistic enough for me. At times, I wanted to hate Lainie because she would not choose but the part of me that envies having two gorgeous men chase after me, understood that it was a lot harder for her. Throughout the book as Lainie struggled with her decision about these two cowboys, I was making my own decision about which one she should be with. At the end, there was no doubt in my mind that she had picked the right man for her. I was not disappointed and I was equally satisfied.The love scenes were just explicitly hot! I had to stop reading after each love scene just to cool down. There was just enough kinkiness in the love scenes to satisfy me without being distasteful.Corralled is the first book in the Blacktop Cowboys series and I highly anticipated what is up next for those sexy Wyoming cowboys.