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Chasing Perfect (Fool's Gold Series #1)

Chasing Perfect - Susan Mallery Really a 4.5 star read for me! Just awesome!Susan Mallery delivers a small town romance story that will leave readers anticipating the next book in the series. A combination of whit, charm and steam provides a delightful and entertaining read. Chasing Perfect is about Charity Jones, who is a young, vibrant go-getter. Having spent the majority of her life taking care of herself and moving around, she’s determined to find a place that is quiet and peaceful so that she can settle down. Her whole life she had to go wherever her mother migrated to. She was always the new girl in town. Charity had to be the adult for most of her life and when she finally gets a new offer for a job as a city planner in a small town in California named Fool’s Gold, she knows this is the right fit for her to finally to settle down and maybe even start a family. However, her whole plan goes up in smoke once she sets eyes on Josh Golden.Josh is the golden boy in the town of Fool’s Gold. A famous retired cyclist he is every woman’s dream. He has the gorgeous looks, smoking hot body and charm. He also has a huge responsibility to the town and its people because they all look to him as some sort of God like figure. Little does every one know, Josh is not the man they think he is. He’s not the self assured, confident celebrity they want. After a cycling accident that left one of his team mates dead, he’s battling more than one demon. Hiding out in Fool’s Gold seems to be the perfect way to solve his problems but some problems you just can’t run from. The last thing Josh needs is an affair with Charity but he can’t seem to fight his attraction.Charity is the only one to see Josh for the man that he really is. She sees past the Tour de France winner and the womanizing reputation to the kind, genuine and scared man that Josh really is. She’s not afraid to embrace that. I really liked how Charity dealt with a situation with a particular woman. She dealt with Josh’s fame realistically. While they struggle with their relationship each has to deal with certain circumstances that arrives, leaving them wonder if love can conquer all.I found the premise to be interesting. Once Charity arrives in Fool’s Gold, she is presenting with helping the town resolve its issue of bringing men to town. The women outnumber men in the town and the town is slowly drying up. Mayor Marsha Tilson, Mallery has already set her up to be a key character in this series, is desperately trying to save her small town. At first I found the idea of a town filled with mostly a female population, amusing and silly but as the story progressed I realized the different angles the series could go. There were also some secrets and a mystery thrown in the mix. Though quite obvious, the mystery added a new element to the story.The love scenes were nicely done. Their first encounter was hot. I loved the way that the writer poured Charity’s emotions through every word. My only problem was that it took too long for the characters to interact romantically. While I felt that they were attracted to each other, there was no romantic interaction for a long time. The communication was stiff at the end when I felt they should have understood each other better.Susan Mallery built a quaint small town with secondary characters that I can not wait to read about, Pia the fun event planner, Jo the mysterious bar owner, Crystal the young window suffering from an illness and Kate the hip woman who ex dumped her for her sister. I anticipate Ethan’s story as well, especially after reading the ending. Overall, this was a wonderful read full of promise and hope. I fell in love with the town and all of it’s people. Chasing Perfect is the perfect blend of overcoming obstacles and finding love.