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Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)

Real - Katy Evans I really wants to give this five stars. So many of my friends here loved it but it didn't resonate that deep to me. Sure, I enjoyed it but didn't love it. I felt like Remy. Highs and low throughout this book. First, I couldn't relate to Brooke. She was immature at times and since it was told from her POV, I couldn't get inside Remy's head. She damn near had orgasms just from looking at him. I didn't see the development with her. I liked the heavy subject matter surrounding Remy but Brooke's reaction to him and even others was odd. They over looked it...Too easily. Speaking of that, she pissed me off by doing shit to set him off. I don't know why she act like he wasn't going to find out what she did to get her sister. Hello! Ever heard of camera phones.With that being said, I loved me some Remy. Alpha. Strong. Loving. A lil crazy but I could deal. The problem was that everyone focused on his body and gorgeous face instead of his issue. I wish we could have got in his head some more. I wanted to know what he was thinking. What he was feeling. It was all Brooke's thoughts and they were strictly sexual. LOL. The subject matter surrounding Remy could have been dealt with better and made for a beautiful dark story but the sexual tension was in the way. All I knew about his shit was that he was getting crazy like incredible hulk. Eyes changed color. Flipping out. LOL. My boy was gone. LOL.Despite that I enjoyed the book and I did feel some connection with them. At the end when he finally spoke his true feelings, I almost melted. Just so nice to see the "real" him. I still want to see what's next.