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Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, Book 12)

Wild Man Creek - Robyn Carr Jillian Matlock has big troubles. Her whole world is shook up when a colleague of hers accuses her of sexual harassment. She is appalled and simply outraged. To make matters worst, she was dating the guy and he had enough documentation to make such an allegation. Her boss forces the workaholic on a little relaxation time while the matter is sorted out but Jillian is not the relaxing type.As she wonders what her next move will be, she lands in Virgin River, a place that she recently visited with her sister. The small town has a certain charm to it and it’s the perfect location to think and regroup. Jillian remembers the house that she and her sister were fascinated with. It is very similar to the one her grandmother owned. Jack, the local bar owner, agrees to rent it out to her until the end of the summer or until he can find a potential buyer.Colin Riordan is an ex-Black Hawk pilot. Recently hurt in a severe plane crash, he needs time to figure out what is next. So he heads off to Virgin River to spend time in a cabin he is renting, maybe visit his brother, Luke (Temptation Ridge) and do a little painting. Colin starts pursuing his artistic talents and ends up in Jillian’s backyard to paint. A slow friendship turns to something more and at the end of the summer both of them have to figure out if what they have is worth continuing.The 2011 trilogy of the Virgin River series has taken a good turn. The men are no longer “abnormally perfect”. Colin is a real man with real issues. After suffering the crash and injuries, he is told he might not be able to fly again, his body is broken down and for a brief stint he is addicted to pain killers. He makes no excuses and struggles internally to find peace with the way his life is turning out. He is still a bit of a wild card but the peace and love he finds with Jillian tames him. The romance is on point! Colin and Jillian find comfort in one another in such a realistic way. The easy going friendship builds to an intense attraction. Their first love scene was hot and creative. By the end of the story, readers can feel that they both love each other. She doesn’t try to change him and he supports her new life altering decisions. Jack also gets a surprise of his own. Jack is more prevalent in this story but his drama didn’t distract from Jillian and Colin. Fans will get to revisit some of their favorite characters, even more recent ones like Lilly and Clay. New characters are introduced which will add more stories to the series.My only quarrel is that the book is slow in spots. Some of the garden talk is annoying and very repetitive. There is no real angst or conflict. I wanted something more exciting but it never came.